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Mission Song -- Karen Dean Benson

Secret at Dark Castle

A secret no one dared whisper 

A convent-raised lass finds something she didn’t know was missing.     

1816 County Waterford, Hawthorn Village, Ireland

Mairéad, left on the steps of a convent as an infant, is raised by nuns and intends to take vows when of age.

Because of her skill illuminating manuscripts, the Earl of Darnley hires her to live at Rockmore Hall for the summer and work on his family biography. She is conflicted having never been beyond the convent walls, but the cloistered community is in desperate need of the money she would earn.
Mesmerized by the power of the Darnley’s, their fierce loyalty and the bad blood that stirs horrid arguments, she wonders about her parentage. What would they have been like? The question stirs her to attempt to unravel the mystery of her own identity.


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