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Come to Me Karen Dean Bensen
Come to Me

Come to Me -- Karen Dean Benson
Secret at Dark Castle

Mulberry Bend -- Karen Dean Benson
Mulberry Bend

Mission Song -- Karen Dean Benson
Mission Song

Devil's Grace -- Karen Dean Benson
Devil's Grace

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~ ~Mischief and Mayhem spiced with Charm~ ~

Historical research is one of my pleasures. Ferreting out unusual, incorporating the odd little tidbits into the lives of my characters is highly entertaining. I enjoy writing and reading books that plunge me into another world and create characters to gawk and stalk. Something I would never do in the real world.



Come Here to Me -- Karen Dean BensonPrickly Hawthorn Village series 
Early 1800’s Co. Waterford, Ireland

Irish folk in the village of Hawthorn have their prickly superstitious whims. Castles, wee folk, andmoonlight are as much a part of their lives as breathing in the heather on a warm sunny day. Hawthorn Village is home to colorful characters most of a mind to gather for a pint at the local pub. Humor being a driving force, and calamity a great sorrow, they embrace most any moment with enthusiasm and love of neighbor. The good stand tall, and the bad, well, let us just say it all evens out at days end.





Secret at Dark Castle – A convent-raised lass finds something she didn’t know was missing.
Come Here to Me – A young doctor learns education isn’t always found in books.
A Break in the Clouds – An almost spinster is quite content until she isn’t.

Ladies of Mischief series    available now

Young women, who are not deliberate troublemakers though curious about their future
and determined to live true to their dreams.Sometimes unwittingly they each create situations that lead them to take drastic and dangerous measures.

Devil’s Grace – RennArelia’s story
Mission Song – Chenoa’s story
Mulberry Bend – Aisling’s story





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