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Secret at Dark Castle -- Karen Dean Benson
Secret at Dark Castle

Mulberry Bend -- Karen Dean Benson
Mulberry Bend

Mission Song -- Karen Dean Benson
Mission Song

Devil's Grace -- Karen Dean Benson
Devil's Grace

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~ ~Mischief and Mayhem spiced with Charm~ ~

Historical research is one of my pleasures. Ferreting out unusual, incorporating the odd little tidbits into the lives of my characters is highly entertaining. I enjoy writing and reading books that plunge me into another world and create characters to gawk and stalk. Something I would never do in the real world.

Available now: Ladies of Mischief. A series about young women who are not deliberate troublemakers; rather, their curiosity, and determination to live true to their dreams sometimes creates situations that lead them to take drastic and dangerous measures.

Out Now: Prickly Hawthorn Village series - Early 1800’s County Waterford, Ireland
Irish folk in the village of Hawthorn have their superstitious whims and gentler souls. Castles, wee folk, and
moonlight as much a part of their lives as breathing in the heather on a warm sunny day. Prickly Hawthorn Village is home to colorful characters most of a mind to gather for a pint at the local pub. Humor being a driving force, and calamity a great sorrow, they embrace the moment with enthusiasm and love of neighbor. Surprisingly, the good stand tall, and the bad, well not so much.

Secret at Dark Castle – A convent-raised lass finds something she didn’t know was missing.
Come Here to Me – A young doctor learns education isn’t always found in books.
A Break in the Clouds – An almost spinster is quite content until she isn’t.

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