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A Break in the Clouds--Karen Dean Benson
A Break in the Clouds

Come Here to Me Karen Dean Bensen
Come to Me

Come to Me -- Karen Dean Benson
Secret at Dark Castle

Mulberry Bend -- Karen Dean Benson
Mulberry Bend

Mission Song -- Karen Dean Benson
Mission Song

Devil's Grace -- Karen Dean Benson
Devil's Grace

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Women’s historical novels whose sole purpose is to
transport you to another time and another place.

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Historical research is one of my pleasures. Ferreting out unusual, incorporating the odd little tidbits into the lives of my characters is highly entertaining. I enjoy writing and reading books that plunge me into another world and create characters to gawk and stalk. Something I would never do in the real world. Or would I?

Dear Readers, as you may know I’ve been busy researching a new series and am DEEP into the draft of the first book. It’s about a female sleuth in 1870 London.

So far, I’ve enjoyed watching this young woman perform against the odds of London’s Seven Dials and its putrid cobbled streets, the heavy mist circling St. Paul’s gates where adolescents sell limp flowers plucked from gardens in the night, and unfed orphans prowling about horse-dung streets for morsels of food.

Tamsin Morgan is a strong-minded young woman in her early twenties and raised by her Uncle Basil since the death of her parents when she was three. She is eager to put her stamp on something—have influence in the lives of others, perhaps.  

In the meantime, having finished formal schooling, she works for her Uncle, a retired lieutenant detective for Her Majesty, Queen Victoria. Though he has withdrawn from public life, there are those in need who knock on his door from time to time seeking his unique counsel.

She is eager to assist him in keeping his ledgers up to date and maintain an orderly filing system. Besides some charity work, time would hang heavy otherwise.

The staff at #2 Berkeley Street, Portman Square, include Housekeeper Mrs. Thistlewaite, grounds- keeper Charlie, cook, and maids, Sally, and Evie are a contented household.

Until tragedy strikes and Tamsin takes it upon herself to step up and solve the bitter catastrophe.

Prickly Hawthorn Village series 

Secret at Dark Castle
A convent-raised lass finds something she didn’t know was missing.
Come Here to Me 
A young doctor learns education isn’t always found in books.
A Break in the Clouds
An almost spinster is quite content until she isn’t.

Ladies of Mischief series
Historical Fiction mixed with mayhem, mischief and spiced with charm  

Young women, who are not deliberate troublemakers though curious about their future and determined to live true to their dreams.

Devil’s Grace – RennArelia’s story
An heirloom locket – a blessing or a curse?
Mission Song – Chenoa’s story

Cloistered secrets and a vigilante’s promise – can they be kept?
Mulberry Bend – Aisling’s story

A crippling fear of the future is rooted in the past.


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