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Mulberry Bend -- Karen Dean Benson
Mulberry Bend

Mission Song -- Karen Dean Benson
Mission Song

Devil's Grace -- Karen Dean Benson
Devil's Grace

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See Karen's latest interview with author Susan Keogh.

Welcome to my world. The last few years I have been busy creating a series, Ladies of Mischief.

Young women who make unfortunate choices that are at cross-purposes to their goals that allows for dramatic plot turns in the creation of their lives. Their bumbling efforts to correct mistakes, and misconstrue friendly attempts of assistance should have you gritting your teeth. Each novel is set in a particular time, with a different young lady. The stories are not dependent upon each other.

Historical research is one of my pleasures. Ferreting out unknown facts and incorporating them into the lives of my characters is oddly entertaining. I enjoy writing and reading books that plunge me into another world, and give me characters to gawk and stalk. Something I would never do in the real world. Nevertheless, I hope this is the beginning of a great friendship between you and Renn Arelia, Chenoa, and Aisling.  

The young women in my novels are not deliberate troublemakers; rather, their curiosity, and determination to live lives that are true to their dreams creates situations that leads them to take drastic and sometimes dangerous measures.

You know how it goes, with one foot in the muck, you put the other in thinking to gain balance,—until, well, now you are really stuck. Let us suffice to say, these mischievous ladies simply attract trouble.
I think in another life, I must have lived somewhere between the 17th and 19th centuries. I have begun a new series, tentatively titled The Village of Hawthorn Lough. Stand-alone, independent of each other, these 19th century novels will take place in and around one geographical location, yes, the village of Hawthorn Lough, County Waterford, Ireland.

Bíodh lá geal! (Irish for - Have a bright day!)



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